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Audiophile Dynamic Audio Quality Testing

How To Test?

How to test the superior high dynamic broad frequency range quality
of your personal audiophile playback configuration
without being distracted by the unknown odd-ends of the musical performance?


Simple enough.
Feed it with some high end dynamic audio material and turn up the levels (starting low)...
It rocks.
(just be prepared for possible unsolicited side-effects)


Go for the unmatched genuine dutch experience and download for free:
(free as in dutch)

Audio capturing @ 24/192kHz using
2x Earthworks QTC-1 ⇒ (analog input) → Metric Halo ULN-8 → (aes output) ⇒ Sound Devices 722.
Plain vanilla raw material (e.g. no audio processing such as filtering, dynamics, levels).

What Do the Listeners Tell Us?

What Do the Critics Say?