• INFO
  • GPS data N61°39'37.0" E010°23'34.4"
    This is where the (loud) water close-up section has been recorded.
    N61°39'43.3" E010°23'53.8"
    This was a peaceful mission.
    While not recording, the white flag was out.
    The microphone boom turned out to be an excellent flagpost.
    N61°39'41.3" E010°24'01.7"
    Our basecamp was located near Egil Martin's artwork Perpetuem Immobile
    N61°39'44.2" E010°23'53.5"
    It looks almost like a human being:
    a composer at work.
    N61°39'43.3" E010°23'53.8"
    The basecamp