All works by VM (Floris van Manen, 1953) follow a path of exploration. Tracking an initial experience of joy to its underlying roots. How come we hear things we like as things we like. What sets them apart from those we don't. Horizon was a result from exploring the edges of an open listening. Using the listeners own sound of breathing as a reference, what is a maximum distance we can experience in the virtual context? The soundcloud presented has multiple layers allowing for a diverse and rich mix of interpretations. The listener is invited to listen on very low playback levels using stereo headphones. With a reduced range of harmonics, this will provide an equal listening experience to both well trained sensitive professionals as well as damaged hearing of dance disco visiting youth alike. The work fades down to zero over a period of about forty minutes. This movement is so slow that we are unable to hear the individual changes. However we will realize at certain moments that it has changed. Just like the world around us. Unlike the real world, we can play this work again (and again). Experiencing & refining the senses. Even though the outcome of the piece is rather predictable, the listener is within his/her own environment listening to his/her own breathing, the forty minute journey will change every time. Thereby extending the horizon of the listener’s own experience. A small step for mankind, a giant leap to a human mind...

Through loudspeakers whispering is very difficult.
The work can be best addressed through good stereo headphones.

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