• Radio Reflection

    Four concerts, three musicians, two sets, one sonographer.

    On special request of the RESORT OFF organization, the Klankschap foundation produced a personal Radio Reflection by Floris van Manen on one Instant Music serie.
    The instant concerts took place in November 2006.
    Extrapool (10), Worm (11), Kikker (12), DNK-Amsterdam(13).
    The compilation will be broadcasted by VPRO on AM747 dutch public radio on December 9th 2006.

    Frode Gjerstad (clarinets/alto saxophone)
    Morton J. Olsen (percussion controlled electronics)
    Olaf Rupp (acoustic guitar)
    Floris van Manen (sonography)

    (for personal/educational purpose only)
    [MIX3] of the compilation is available online
    both as MP3 file as well as podcast

    (The piece starts with some dutch spoken comment. This is a rough translation)

    Radio Reflection Four concerts, three musicians, two sets, and you making a sounding compilation for radio according to your own view. That is a brief summary of the question that Lukas Simonis came up with. Do you want to do that? Would you like it? Improvised music with electronics and an acoustic guitar. Of the musicians he mentions I know neither their names nor their music. That however always makes my mind and ears twinkle. It raises questions and thoughts. Trivial things like the different between a concert and a registration. Between registration and radio. Between improvisation during the concerts and the recordings afterwards. Between the acoustics of the concert space and the living room home. But also how to handle the experience of the enormous dynamic range during the concerts that seem to ill fit in the polder compression technology of the radio. A single concert is a very different experience from four in a row, in four different halls and cities. Even though I make four parallel stereo recordings of each concert, it is restricted to the sound events only.
    However all cons have pros. Once the recorded material becomes available, one can choose. One has to choose. Seven hours of material and the broadcast including this comment lasting exactly 55 minutes. The result is a concatenation of partly overlapping fragments of music from all sets and associative sounds of relating activities around the concerts. How does a particular idea sound on one concert or the other. Thoughts in sound of discussions and feelings. Remote and nearby.
    Radio Reflection. Four concerts, three musicians, two sets, and me making a sounding compilation for radio according to my own view. Radio Reflection is a production by Stichting Klankschap.

    All recordings copyright © 2006 Stichting Klankschap
    All rights of the producer and of the owner of this recorded work reserved.
    Listening is free. Reproduction and/or public broadcasting without prior written permission is prohibited.