it is what it is

(music for mallets and twilight zone)

This CD is about open listening; aiming at the twilight zone between nature and culture. The recordings are focused on the inclusion of the auditory surroundings that we normally tend to filter out. Where do background sounds differ, where do they merge, at what point do they become indistinguishable?

All recordings on this CD are au naturel. Each featuring its own layering, depth, distance and perspectives. Each of the audio materials was selected on its individual specific merits. These sonographies were recorded by the authors mainly in Norway and the Netherlands. They are plain-vanilla stereo recordings using two omni microphones without any filtering or dynamic post-production. The very slow blendings are an intentional choice of style to emphasize the ambiguity in the perception of the listener.

Subtle but important spatial details defining distance will most likely get lost in the room when playing this CD over loudspeakers. You might want to use good stereo headphones instead. Feel free to experiment, but try to keep the playback level below the point where you will start hearing the self-noise of the microphones. A comfortable chair and a cup of tea will make a difference too. You may notice a change in listening experience when playing back at different loudness levels, swapping the L/R channels, listening to the complete work in one go or in short fragments. In mathematics they may be equal, but 3/4 and 6/8 are very different in music.


iiwii is available on both Compact Disk (EAN 978-90-5606-007-7)
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K-System-20 reference on Hidden Track

For an optimal listening experience a correct playback level is essential. This CD has been mastered against a K-20 reference, which allows for a headroom of 20dB. For your convenience the CD has a hidden track situated before track one. If you start playback, the CD will start at track one. But while in playback you can rewind the time, passing zero and entering the hidden area. Then releasing the rewind button, the playback will produce a pink noise signal. With your noise meter set to slow C weighting, adjust your playback level such that will show 86 dB Spl. Mark the setting on your amplifier. It is the K-20 reference which has been used while mixing & mastering.

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An Act of Listening

The trilogy An Act of Listening is released on three CDs

1/3. Music for Large Mountain and Vibraphone

2/3. Listening Ahead

3/3. iiwii

To order a copy of the CDs, do send an e-mail to info@klankschap.nl for further instructions. Get Information